Goatman, The MC Games 2018

It all began on February 23, 2019 with a call for help from the Greenfield village. It was alleged that a mysterious creature like a half goat and half demon attacked people and animals. Upon this call, a military research team set out. There are 3 different characters you can play in the game. Set the hunting strategy according to the characteristics of the character you choose.Use the lights, explosives, traps and drone to catch Goatman. If the resources are exhausted, you can find new sources by finding the direction with the electronic compass and checking the buildings on the map. When you are looking for Goatman, you must be prepared for the threats that will come against you. Early Access Features: Up to 3 players Online CO-OP* 3 Soldiers (Assault, Heavy, Sniper); 3 Animals (Stag, Boar, Bear); You should also pay attention to snakes and crows; Drones, Mines, C4s, Tripod Lights, Compass, Medics, Traps etc.; Computer (You can control drones, cameras and c4s); Big World (2 Village, 1 Barn, Church, Graveyard, Bridge and much more things); World Events; Day and Night Cycle; Weather System (Sunny, Rainy, Thunder Storm etc.).
Download: None currently available

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