Aliens Invaded Our Planet Kerim Kumbasar 2018

This is a Multiplayer / CO-OP (Up to 6P) FPS & Arcade Style Action game, the game is about alien invasion in 1900s Richalley Town. Shoot and Run For Your Life Against the Aliens. Features: 9 Character Types; 16 Weapon Types; 20 Unique Enemy Types; 10 Unique Boss Types; 50 Playable Days; Competitive Arcade Style Gameplay; Leaderboard Rankings; Day/Night Cycle; Different game modes such as CO-OP Story / Endless / Single Player; 1-6 players; Awesome town design completely filled in wild west. 8 Type of Power Ups, such as: Explosive-Bullet; No-Reload; Super-Speed; Super-Jump; Half-Grav; Immortality; One-Hit Kill; Double-Kill.
Download: None currently available

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