Diablo 3D 1994

This is a gameplay Total conversion mod that was created in 2018 by Irontusk341. It's based on the Diablo Series by Activation Blizzard . It is compatible only with Heretic (a Fantasy FPS game like Classic Doom) With Source-port Compatibility with Gzdoom & Zandronum. While its modified Wrath of cronos files could be compatible with most iwads. The TC mod takes Heretic and adds both a Hexen feel, and the Wrath of Cronos mod and adds monsters from the first 2 diablo games made by Activation Blizzard which actually owns Raven Software the author of Heretic. While primarily a Total Conversion Heretic mod, it alters the gameplay by changing many other aspects, such as the sounds, graphics, and combat. One such change is the increased difficulty, making enemy behavior much faster, unpredictable and dangerous (many attacks do double the normal damage to the player) and altering their attacks. It makes the animations smoother and gives the player new abilities, skills, a variety of weapons, and a storyline similar to the Diablo series.
Download Full/Mid/Lite v1.7 1.36GB/658MB/282MB (uploaded by Facebook)

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