Astro Blaster Rolf Franzon 1988

Release Date: 1988 This is an unofficial remake of the eponymous game from arcade machines, released in 1981. Astro Blaster is a vertical shoot 'em up with a fixed screen, that is very close to Space Invaders, but the clone can be called only with a stretch, since there are enough distinctive features. Opponents are diverse and come in waves, but they have a clear battle formation, they conduct intense fire and, coming to the bottom edge of the screen, appear in a mirror image from above. Their destruction is the main and only task, which is complicated by two factors: fuel of course, and it must be replenished with rare bonuses (a kind of timer analog), and the laser can overheat from overly intense shooting and for some time to fail. But there is also a life-saving function: as an alternative weapon there is a slowing down of time, which can be used a limited number of times in one life, and the number of attempts can be increased after reaching a certain score for the killing of opponents. It is worth noting that the game is relatively complex, has a good graphics for its years (which can not be said about the soundtrack) and is quite rare.
Full Demo 78kb (uploaded by

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