ZEscape Madhouse Software 2018

Early Access Release Two teams of players face off in this multiplayer game that has you running for your life from the relentless forces of the undead. Beat platforming challenges while defending and covering your teammates across challenging levels and bosses as the undead are chasing your delicious brains. Make your escape or become one of them ..BRAINS! Zombie multiplayer mayhem at it's best. Features: Fast-paced brain splashing, fire-cracking, gun packing asymmetric multiplayer action; Zombie running and Survival game modes; Realistic and unrealistic level designs; Weapon and gear customizations - Hats, Sprays, Character Skins. Class-based abilities: Support - Healer, Ammo, Shield; DMG - Fire, Water, Air; Boss battles; Unlockable ingame items and skills [TBA]; Server browser; Dedicated servers; Pancakes; Good times; A sense of humor.
Download: None currently available

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