Varia Charlie Ngo, Parker Walker 2007

This is a futuristic vertically-scrolling shooter created for the SHMUP-DEV Competition 2k7 Round 2 using Game Maker. Entries revolved around the theme of satellites or options, orbing the ship, common in the Gradius series. This game is based on the concept of options from Gradius V, where small orbs trail the player's ship. Players can collect power-ups in three categories (main power-up, obtain and 1-hit shield), providing orbs. While shooting, the options can be used to absorb and mimic enemies' attacks. One key is used to freeze them in place and another to free the option. Gameplay is hectic with a large amount of enemies and bullets at once. Ten types of abilities can be absorbed: Regular Vulcan, Homing Missile, Nuclear Missile, Laser, Curvy Shot, Explosive Blast, Charge Shot, Chaining Shuriken, Flamethrower and Wave Shot, all with different effects. Killing same-coloured enemies in combo provides extra points. There are four levels, level bosses and both offline and online high score tables.
Free Game 15.6MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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