Wetwork Jānis Circenis 2018

Early Access Release This is a stealth action game. The protagonist is an assassin and their objective is to eliminate their target as silently and cleanly as possible. They have many tools at their disposal - CQC, pistols, smgs, assault rifles, sniper rifles, explosives and the like. It's also possible to take enemy's clothing to impersonate them and infiltrate restricted areas. The game is open ended and and its missions can be completed in many different ways. Intelligence agencies don't usually arbitrarily restrict the available weapons so all of them are available to the player. There are no "best weapons" that can be unlocked. Currently available weapons: Poison and sedative syringes, Combat knife, 5 handguns, 3 SMGs, 6 Rifles, 2 Shotguns, Minigun, 4 Sniper rifles, 8 types of explosives. The weapon list is quite big, but both missions can be completed without taking any weapons with you (and this is the only way to get the best rating). Currently available missions: Training Level: Kārlis Ulmanis Memorial Park - A small urban area with a park at its centre. Introduces the player to various weapons and gameplay mechanics. Can be beaten in about 2 minutes. This is also available in the free demo. Mission 1: Ventspils - A bit bigger rural area near the Baltic Sea. The main objective is to infiltrate a corrupt politician's mansion and take him out. No hand holding this time. The game is set in 2030s and takes place in Latvia.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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