AegisM Aurox Studios 2018

Early Access Release This is a competitive tower defense game with a twist. It combines tower defense with a wave survival/top down action shooter and then adds more new and exciting elements to the mix. Work alone or team up with others to work out the best strategy to achieve the highest scores on the never ending survival leaderboards. Once you're ready to prove yourself even more, you can take to the Player vs Player mode with competitive matchmaking and ELO ratings. AegisM is unlike other tower defense games; there are no waves of enemies, it's never ending, gradually getting harder and harder until you can't survive anymore and your strategy fails you. As the game progresses and you last longer, you get introduced to new bosses. Each boss has a unique ability such as speed boosting, protecting, skull distracting and much more. There's also various types of air units to beat. At the start of every game you get to spend 5 skill points on making your character unique. Put points into movement speed, reduced reload speed, build cost reduction, movement speed and more. Earn experience, gain levels, unlock new characters, magical powers and abilities that help you defeat the never ending horde of enemies. Achievement progress is displayed in game so you can see how far off you are from unlocking the character you want. There's currently 11 different types of tower, each with 3 levels. See the stats for every tower, which player owns it, what the range of the tower is and what will happen if you upgrade it, simply by clicking it. You can also configure shortcut keys to speed build and upgrade. Once unlocked through experience, you can select from various abilities that help aid your fight. These include slow dome, teleporters, dash, barriers and radars. Various magical powers compliment abilities and your character customization. These include golem smash, ice block, heal base, character rage and a coin collector. Fight it out in the Forest, Desert or even indoors in the crypts. There's a full day and night cycle (this only affects the game visually), along with rain and snow - the world you're fighting in feels alive. There's also interactive elements such as lifts, dynamically changing levels and flame walls to add yet more variety. Don't like tower defence, want a hybrid strategy, or just simply enjoy shooting? Use your coins to buy weapons instead of towers and do the shooting yourself. There's a pistol, rifle, shotgun, laser, railgun and flame thrower to use. Lets not forget to mention the grenades, mines and air strikes that you can purchase. It's incredibly competitive with worldwide leaderboards. There is an ever growing list of competitive mini games that range from shooters to maze and timed type of games. Each mini game has a competitive leaderboard, so you can even show the world you're the fastest builder or runner out there. Start interacting with your viewers with the Streamer vs Twitch mode. Every 3 minutes your chat gets to vote on what enemy they would like to send you. If you defeat it you score a point but if the enemy they have sent you reaches your base, the chat scores a point. Please note this mode is not competitive but more of a fun mode for streamers.
Download: None currently available

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