GearToyGear Kenta Cho / ABA Games 2009

The Japanese master of abstract independent art brings this tunnel simulator. The player will take the role of the hovercraft pilot, which passes through the tunnel with plenty of obstacles. The vessel shoots automatically, it is essential to fly and not to hit, which is often a task of extremely difficult category. It does matter if you have a competitive spirit - if you dare to fly faster, you will be rewarded with higher difficulty, and begin to skip at a noticeably higher speed. However, the high speed can not be dealt with for a long time, which makes it a card to change for those who choose a safer but less punctuated route. As with most other creations from Kenta Cho, this time we are experiencing incredible vector orgies, perfectly tuning with the overall character of total audiovisual processing.
Free Game 2.2MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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