Xeno Fighters EX JudgeSpear 2003

This is a fan-made SHMUP created by the creator of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion using Game Maker 7. It is a crossover of many SHMUPS, like Gradius, Parodius, Raiden, Galaga, and Xevious. However, one of the fighters is ironically Zapdos from the Pokemon series (who appears in the updated version, with a high attack rate). The game has many Raiden features, as well as using music from some of the Raiden games like Raiden II and Raiden IV. A coallition of aliens and human turncoats, the BRES (Black Reach Eternal Stratocracy) attempts to take over the Earth by using time travel. A group of brave pilots set out to stop BRES before it's too late.
Free Game 39MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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