Furious Seas Future Immersive 2018

Early Access Release Take the helm of a deadly pirate ship and embark on a thrilling tale of revenge and destruction in VR. Yu will adventure out onto the high seas during a dangerous era, where ruthless pirates and fearsome enemy vessels await. Reach out and take control of your ship and your crew as you navigate through treacherous waters, bringing destruction upon any foes who dare cross your path. Reclaim what is yours and carve out your legend amidst the Furious Seas. Single-Player Campaign - Face off in naval combat against an energetic cast of pirate villains and the dangerous fleets they command. Stunning water and detailed ships are a must-see in virtual reality. Grab hold of your ship's wheel in VR and steer your ship to victory. Command your crew to control the sails and fire at enemy ships. Enjoy comfortable VR gameplay - seated and standing accessibility options and easy to reach controls. You won't get seasick - lots of attention and care went into eliminating sources of motion sickness that one might expect.
Download: None currently available

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