Sector Six Aivaras Klimas / Michael Jendryssek 2018

Save the Universe - Enter distant future and join the desperate fight to stop the Eight Machines from destroying everything. In your journey, you will interact with ancient structures and beings, break laws of physics, travel between Sectors, battle swarms of the Machine minions, collectors, despair, anomalies, defense systems - all to stop the terrible enemy. Spaceship building allows you to build a unique ship from procedural parts, obtained by destroying minions of the Machines. Every part has various properties and can be placed anywhere on the building field, allowing you to customize performance, appearance, and size of your ship. Become master of spaceship combat - Test not just your spaceship, but also your skills as you dodge enemy projectiles and find the right timing to counterattack with your own. Each enemy brings new attacks, defenses, and strategies to defeat - it’s up to you to hone your combat skills and take them down. Part customization, part sets, and relics - Combine, upgrade, and re-roll parts to create ones that are ideal for your dream spaceship. If that is not enough, collect set parts and relics to transform your destroyer of invaders into something even more powerful. Make the game as hard as you want it to be. Modular difficulty system allows you to modify almost every element of the combat and offers rewards for increasing the difficulty.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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