Touhou: Dreaming Butterfly Strrationalism 2018

This is a Touhou Project derivative game that uses the way of the horizontal STG that any original game has never used. It aims to make the horizontal STG players experience the fun of games. It also lets the player who are used to the vertical STG have more contact with the horizontal STG, an entirely different type of game from Touhou original games. So, based on keeping style of the horizontal STG, it's almost similar to Touhou original games like known Spell-card Rule, beautiful stages, concentrated but not hard to dodged bullets. Using the gamepad with vibration and joystick, this game has better support for gamepad. It says that people entered someone’s dream inadvertently in Gensokyo. The leading roles are also our miko and magician. As the only ‘waking’ people, they came across acquaintances, one of who was abnormal manic, or sinister, or strange, or... themselves?
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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