Trans WizCom Entertainment 2000

TRANS a third person robot action game from Swiss-Bulgarian developer WizCom that combines the real-time adrenaline of the 3D shooter with the mental effort of a tactical operation. The story of TRANS is set in the year is 2250. The Earth is dead. The new world, Eladia emerges from the ashes of the old. Eladia is a world of perfect society. All dreams has been realized - no famine, no diseases, no inequality, no energy problem etc, all are required to play TRANS. A fluid called Transer is injected into the player's brain, which is where the TRANS simulation is played. In TRANS, players compete against each other on teams of transforming mechs. Certainly the mechs need energy to run, and energy is provided by the players base. That means you will be limited to staying near the base at first, but as the game progresses, you will be able to build a network of energy nodes to expand your territory and recharge your mechs. I think it's definitely great idea that makes gameplay more thinking. TRANS includes 16 levels, 21 robots, 30 weapons and more than 40 special effects: from heavy nuclear explosions to environmental effects. In addition, the game take place on various arenas, such a ruins of old cities, natural Earth surroundings, other planets etc. That makes TRANS very interesting in both single and multiplayer modes. The single player campaign features different objectives, such as destroying the enemy base, securing territory and hostage rescue. The multiplayer game offers variations on the theme of capture the enemy base. The game features an exquisite story, beautiful graphics and original trance music.
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Level Demo ~95MB ( @ / Complete Free Version ~229MB ( @ FilePlanet)
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Full Demo ~166MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Full Demo (ripped movies) + keygen *works on 64-bit o/s 233MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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