Wall, The Aero Games LLC 2018

Early Access Release This is a strategic, multiplayer FPS game where the outcome of a match is defined by the player. One of the main elements of this game is the enormous wall itself, in the center of each map, dividing teams until it is either dug under, built over, or destroyed by players. The wall, combined with the other features of the game, allow matches to progress in different ways, be it fast/aggression-based gameplay, slow/economy-based gameplay, or anything between. This offers two online game modes: versus and co-op (co-op will be released in future updates and is not included in the current version). In co-op mode, players team up against enemy swarms, defending their base. In versus mode, players team up and fight in intense PvP matches. With the slick combat of E-Sports FPS games, the long-term, economy-based strategy of RTS games, and the world-manipulation aspects of survival games, it's a satisfying change from the mass of fast-paced, yet dull, online FPS games. Every single battle will be a new experience for the player. The economy of each team, the items of individual players, and other conditions dictate how matches unfold. Outside of matches is a player's persistent inventory, including skills and weapon customizations. It's economy is based on three currencies, energy, wood, and minerals. Each one allows players to build, buy, and upgrade in matches. One of the main features is the player's ability to manipulate the terrain and place down structures. Placing down fortifications, generators, and other structures help players gain an advantage. The unparalleled mechanic of digging introduces countless numbers of strategies that can be utilized to make each game exciting.
Download: None currently available

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