Tron Evolution Propaganda Games / Disney Interactive Studios 2010

Evolution is a third-person action game with racing and RPG elements incorporated. The game shows how the virtual landscape deteriorated to the state seen in Legacy. And the game shows several areas that the movie doesn't. T:E bridges the gap between the original Tron movie and Tron Legacy, Evolution puts players control the character of Anon, an AI created by Flynn to investigate a massive virus that's tearing the grid apart. There's heavy platforming elements. Anon's movement style combine elements of parkour/free running and capoeira and he'll be leaping and scaling the walls of the gridworld like a neon-&-black Prince of Persia. The disc combat moves along in brisk fashion and comes off as far more brutal than expected. When the digital bad guys discorporateinto bits of data, it really feels like something violent is happening to them. Anon will wield four kinds of discs: bomb, heavy, corruption and stasis. Stasis lets him levitate and has a slowdown effect, bomb blows stuff up and so on. Anon will also be able to shift between various states–defense, sprint, and combo–which all create new functions for the four disc types. Any upgrades you earn in the single-player game will be available in online play and multiplayer will be comprised of five-player teams battling it out on huge maps. But Anon won't be doing all of his battling on foot. Of course, the iconic lightcycles show up in Evolution. Huge imposing light-tanks will be part of the vehicular combat in the game and they do not mess around. Olivia Wilde will be reprising her role as "Quorra" from the film.
DVD9 ISO Demo 7.27GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Launcher Fixes (uploaded by PC Gaming Wiki)

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