Wizard's Star: Magical Shooter Next Fortress 1999

Rare Japanese shoot 'em up in the perspective of side view. We can choose one of four characters (among them, two boys and two girls), each of which flies on a broomstick (!) Shooting from a single weapon (some kind of “magic flamethrower”) is carried out with the help of “Z”, “X” is used to carry out a “super-attack” - release of several powerful plasma clots in different directions (the effect of it is directly proportional to the fullness of the yellow scale at the bottom of the screen , sometimes at the time of becoming green - in the latter case, it is even more destructive; This bar increases as our “basic” attack intensifies), and “C” to switch the flight speed from “slow” to “fast” and back. The “auto” parameter, apparently, provides for the automatic activation of the last two options at the right moments, although you can use them “manually” when installing it. The game is divided into seven levels, with the first six ("meadows", "beach and underwater world", "mangroves", "Christmas", "space" and "surrealism") are completed with boss fights, and the seventh is entirely similar fight, taking place in several stages. Opponents include roosters and ducks, sunflowers, crabs (representatives of these types, as well as some more, are on the ground, while in general most of the enemies move through the air), flying cats, many species of fish (including volatile, not only under water), aliens on various aircraft, girls with wings or umbrellas, big-eyed orbs, faces floating in the air, mosquitoes, winged eyes, snowmen and snowballs, Santa Clauses in underwear riding on deer, huge spherical hamsters in space suits, blondes in black underwear with very lush hair and so on (less than half of the species above). A sort of “semi-bosses” will also come up from time to time: in most cases, they are fat black women floating in the air (or, perhaps, representatives of the subculture gyaru, who misuse the visit to tanning salons); on the first level, a large girl in a chicken costume, surrounded by real chickens, will hatch from an egg that has fallen from above; sea ​​dragons will meet under water, and in mangrove swamps there will be an almost naked dryad (fortunately, nothing really indecent) or, say, huge squirrels sitting on wooden trapeziums. But the brightest of all, of course, the actual bosses. The hero has several "lives" (the number of remaining ones - by default there are two, not counting the current one - is displayed in the upper left corner; for, apparently, a certain amount of points scored sometimes give additional), as well as "attempts" (the number of no way to see), - if the last ones remain, then you can continue to play with the new full set of mentioned "lives", moreover, right from the moment of death and with the preservation of all previous achievements. Bonuses are represented by various foods (fruits, fried chicken, pieces of cake, hamburgers, and so on), which are relatively rare and necessary only for account increase, as well as asterisks falling out of semi-bosses and bosses during fights and after their death - and also giving glasses; In addition, in some cases (but not always) they can turn the entire batch of charges, sent to you by the designated large creatures, if you accurately get into one of these.
ISO Demo 67MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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