Napad Taipan Games, Light Factory / Reflexive Arcade 2005

The 3D space shooter you've been waiting for. You'll battle the alien space fleet of over 9000 enemies by using a wide variety of weapons with generous power-ups all along the way. The awesome graphics and sound, coupled with extremely addictive gameplay, pushes space shooting technology to the new age. So, prepare for an epic space battle you will never forget. Players are usually to firing main weapons and power-ups additional weapons to objectives items has laser, rockets, pulzer gun and even further to more then items. The playfield into the 3D space theme like outer space. Simulated to training combat at the beginning the new game, Next waves at the advance levels. In the later levels, Some of these more then big enemies waves towards players from breaking throughout by approaching to othersides attempts in the ambushed waves. Towards at the end of levels reaches is boss levels. It features with the power-ups items and Save game data pick-ups system, Among these the levels are advanced to skills of shooting game are the ability to limited ammo of player weapons in refilled to pick up another power-ups that occurs refilled another path of weapons.
Download: None currently available

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