World War Z Saber Interactive / Focus Home Interactive 2019

A cooperative shooter designed for 4-player cooperation and based on the license of a movie by the same title. The players are taken to a world overrun by a zombie pandemic and fight for survival in Moscow, New York and Jerusalem. Players take control over characters, whose primary objective is to fight for survival. You observe the action from the third-person perspective (TPP). The game comprises of three main chapters. In each location, players control 4 characters with different abilities. As players progress through the game, they earn experience and unlock new levels that give them new abilities. Similarly to the Left 4 Dead series, players have to traverse different locations, complete objectives, and eliminate hordes of living dead. A single horde can comprise even hundreds of zombies moving with extraordinary speed and able to climb each other getting to seemingly safe, high places. Players have at their disposal an elaborate selection of firearms (that can be modified). Players can also fortify themselves – in selected areas, one can build a barbed fence, deploy mines and HMG positions.
Download: None currently available

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