Dead by Daylight: Demise of the Faithful Chapter Behaviour Digital Inc. 2019

This is a brand-new Chapter for Dead by Daylight, which includes a new Killer, a Survivor and a Map. Sold to a Babylonian temple as a child, she sought the means to repel the darkness she carried inside. She found solace in sacred rituals, where she felt safe and empowered. Faithful but proud, she began to rise in status and believed she was untouchable. But when a plague began to defile her body, she confronted her gods, realizing too late that they had no impact on her fate. The Plague uses her power, Vile Purge, to release a stream of vomit that infects her victims. A gauge controls the amount of time the Power lasts once launched. The Gauge starts empty. To fill it up, the player is required to charge his attack by holding down on the Power button. During the charging, The Plague suffers a speed movement penalty which ends when the power is released or when the charge reaches 100%. At that moment the movement speed is back to 100% of the base speed. The Plague comes with 3 new perks. Dark Devotion - The display of your powers creates a whirlwind of panic that spreads throughout the land. You become obsessed with one survivor. Hitting the obsession to the injured state with your basic attack causes the obsession to emit a terror radius. During that time, your terror radius is reduced to 0. This effect can only be triggered once every 3 seconds. The obsession hears the terror radius they emit for the duration. The Killer can only be Obsessed with one survivor at a time. Infectious Fright - The cries of the unfaithful makes your heart leap, as you believe that a divine power causes their agony. Any Survivors who are within The Killer's terror radius while another Survivor is put into the dying state with a basic attack will yell and reveal their location to The Killer. Corrupt Intervention - Your prayers invoke a dark power that meddles with the Survivors’s chances of survival. The generators located furthest from you are blocked by The Entity at the start of the trial for a limited duration. Survivors cannot repair these generators during that time. Jane’s personal perks, Solidarity, Head On, and Poise allow her to support other Survivors, defend herself, and avoid leaving a trail for the Killer to follow. Poise - Achieving goals boosts your confidence. After a generator is completed, you leave no scratch marks for a limited duration. Head On - Allows to perform a rushed action to exit a locker and stun The Killer if standing within range. Head On cannot be used while Exhausted. You do not recover from the Exhausted status effect while running. Solidarity - While injured, healing a Survivor also heals you. Exclusive Item for Jane is a Floral Shirt, only available as part of the DLC. New Map: The Temple of Purgation. The half-forgotten, temple complex dedicated to the cleansing of the High Priestess’s followers. The vertiginous hypostyle hall was believed to hold the weight of the heavens. Stolen from the memories of The Plague, the temple was planted in the howling Red Forest, whose winds eroded its smooth edges. It now stands as a beacon of fear, visible from all cardinal points.
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