Zog's Nightmare 2: The War Continues! / Zog's Nightmare II Jim Ramm / National Socialist Movement 2007

Zog's Nightmare II - The War Continues, the sequel of the racist game Zog's Nightmare by same creator, has more firepower, more in depth play, new levels to discover, new surprises and much more. The game was created again with FPS Creator and is about a "Goyim Gulag" this time. Jews are killing nazis in the game and it's the task of the player to stop them. Black people and homosexuals are also here to add a variety of enemies for the player. Later in the game the player discovers that Jews created a virus that transforms white people into zombies, and in the last and eighth level of the game, the player tries to find an antidote.
Full Demo 518MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo + Scans 758MB (uploaded by Dennis95)

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