Real GTA III 2002
This mod changes Textures, Cars, Buildings, heck, the whole deal. A lot of the trees and textures have been ported from Vice City, and a lot of textures are much more detailed and high-res than the original's, but with nothing knocked off the performance. The game replaces all the cars in the game with real life counterparts, such as Aston Martin Vantages, Volkeswagon Passats and there's even a monster truck and T-80 tank to keep you ammused later in the game. Oh and the Dodo? A F-16 fighter jet. Unfortunatly it doesn't fly like planes in Vice City, but hey, its a F-16! Hours of fun! Most of the shops, signs and other locales have been changed to real life brands and names, even the mission text takes into account the changes, and cars actualy show their real life names as you enter them.
Download Final Version 108MB (uploaded by FilePlanet)

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