Bang! Gunship Elite / Big Bang Rayland Interactive / Red Storm Entertainment, Inc. 2000

Welcome to the Gunship Elite. Sorry to rush you out of training school, but we have full confidence in your abilities. You are fighting for the future of our cultures and the heritage of your Arikhan warrior ancestry. The Alliance is being invaded by the Sektar and their bloodthirsty allies, the Morgoths. While for years we have held them, their numbers are wearing us down. We must take the offensive soon. That is where you come in. Bang! Gunship Elite is an action game where you shoot a lot of enemies all by yourself, in the vein of Wing Commander or Freespace, but with the action turned up and tactics turned down. Add spectacular graphics, lots of "power-ups" (dropped by dead enemies or left in space by your supply ships), and you have a pretty good looking shooter. The game is mouse driven with keyboard inputs for things like speed and weapon selection. The plot is your typical "fight against all odds" story.
Level Demo 26MB (uploaded by File Planet)
ISO Demo 277MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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