ARMA: Queen's Gambit Bohemia Interactive Studio / 505 Games 2007

This expansion pack for to the military sim ArmA introduces two new story-driven single-player campaigns: The Rahmadi Conflict and Royal Flush. The first features 3 large-scale missions involving SLA, US and RACS forces, while the second contains 7 missions controlling a group of mercenaries with an approach incorporating both action and stealth. Other additions include 2 new multiplayer missions (Urban Raid - cooperative and Battle of Porto - capture and hold) and two new environments (Porto Island and United Sahrani). It incorporates the 1.08 patch for the original game, with new vehicles, characters and weapons. There are also a few entirely new ones, such as the 6G30 grenade launcher, the DC3 plane, the HMMWV Limousine and machine gun-mounted pickups.
DVD ISO Demo 2.08GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in ARMA II Anniversary Edition DVD ISO 7.38GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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