Magic Lamber 1 & 2 1997
Magic Lamber: Power of Sewer This has unique other-worldly architecture and textures. It has some great scenes, and creative gameplay, including a humorous secret level that sees the return of an id Software cemetery. Oh yeah, and you just have to see the ingenious idea of how Mark Shan implements Unreal-ish surface reflections. Magic Lamber Forever Each of the 9 levels is quite unique in design, with massive structures such as the monolith Quake symbol and the lamber processor at the very end. There are pure action levels where gameplay is the focus, then there are levels which contain puzzles where you need to use your brain to figure out how to proceed.
Power Of Sewer download 10MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Forever download 15MB (uploaded by Official Site)
included in Mark Shan Missions - Download 142MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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