Tomorrow War, The: Factor K CrioLand / 1C Company 2007

The Tomorrow War: Factor K is a stand-alone expansion to The Tomorrow War game. The game continues the story of its predecessor, so ones again you will take control of Andrey Rumyantsev, who adrift became one of the main figures in the war during the "Factor K" scenario. The game's scenario has been written by the well known Russian author Alexander Zorich. The game features 13 new missions, a new spaceships available for players to control and various graphics and gameplay improvements such as new clouds in the planet atmosphere and more realistic towns on planets surface. The game now allows player to also control his wingmen. In all other aspects the game is similar to the original and still features 3 modes of game physics, a real time generated planet surface and missions which require player to fight in both planet atmosphere and open space.
Russian DVD ISO Demo 1.33GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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