Industrial Espionage 2001

The year is 1943. Italy has just surrendered, but the rest of the world remains at war. The Office of Secret Actions orders that Agent B.J. Blazkowicz be sent on a spy mission to a German industrial facility. Until recently, this facility was unknown to Allied forces, therefore you are being sent in to assess its purpose and threat level. You are ordered to infiltrate a newly-discovered German industrial facility whose purpose is as yet unknown. Your mission is to survey the complex and assess its purpose and threat level. We know very little about this facility. Based on aerial surveillance of the site, it appears to be comprised of three levels: loading and shipping areas on the ground floor, and administrative offices on the top floor. We presume that the machine rooms are located beneath ground. It is the knowledge of the contents of these machine rooms that is most important to OSA. If this facility is like others known to us, there will be a security system located in the KONTROLLPUNKT (Checkpoint) office. If so, it will be to your advantage to destroy the alarm control panel as soon as possible. Explore the facility, terminate any resistance, access the lower-level machine rooms, and report back your findings. There are three secret areas, and each one is harder to reach than the previous
Download 5.7MB (uploaded by GameBanana)

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