Project Overdrive (cancelled) Vistage / Buka Entertainment 2000

This is a first-person shooter in an open world with role-playing, driving different cars and a unique arcade physics in the spirit of Carmageddon. The underworld is calling the main character to go through two dozen story missions of every persuasion, but you can always turn off the road and taking a powerful machine gun, satisfy your personal passion for violence. Or at full speed, open the rear door on the left and shoot a passerby. Or shoot a sniper rifle at a police office. Tellingly, it was designed by the studio of the Moscow Vistage two years before the release of Grand Theft Auto III. For the first time ever, real life physics and damage. Everything obeys the laws of physics with unparalleled accuracy, and this means that, just like in the real world, everything can be destroyed: cars can be twisted out of shape, windshields broken, doors torn off; humans can be maimed or reduced to a pile of body parts, furniture can be broken to pieces or burned. It has skeletal animation with inverse kinematics, and sophisticated artificial intelligence: all characters have sophisticated and realistic behaviour models. Cars and pedestrians obey traffic lights and signs, intelligently following the best route to get to their destination and doing their best to avoid collisions. There's an enormous city with distinct districts, for example Chinatown. Uniquely, you can enter any building in the game. The final level takes place on a separate island. It has day and night action. Infrared / night vision goggles bring the city to life at night: the hot tyres of cars glow, and you can even see a cigarette burning. The game known as "Outside the Law" in Russia was cancelled before release. Later in December 2012, someone found and made available a close to release candidate version on cd, obtained directly from the publisher in the spring of 2000. To turn on the sound, go to the root folder of the game X: \ Games \ Project Overdrive and with notepad open file overkill.ini. Look at the beginning for the parameters Sound = 0 and AmbientSound = 0. Change the value from 0 to 1. There you can turn off god mode and infinite weapons by changing options AllWeapons = 1 UnlimitedAmmo = 1 Invulnerability = 1 to zero. 0-9 equips your weapon, wasd and space move and jump, Q brings up your inventory, K brings up the map, + and - zoom in and out of map, right click to zoom for sniper rifle.
Pre-Release Candidate CD Full Demo 162MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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