ORION: Prelude Spiral Game Studios, Trek Industries 2014

This is a fast-paced Sci-Fi First-Person-Shooter. It features a retro-vibe, addictive gameplay and insanely awesome features such as jetpacks, dinosaurs and vehicular combat. It pays homage to other classics that we grew up on that entertained us as gamers as well as inspired us as developers. You will see inspiration from classics such as the Unreal Tournament series, Quake 2 CTF, Starsiege: Tribes, early Counter-Strike betas and plenty of our own unique takes and twists in the design and mechanics. It uses Unreal 3 technology. It was originally inspired by and designed to be a spiritual successor to the first free prototype, the ‘ORION: Source Beta’ which was built as a modification for the Source Engine. It was created as a Weapon Mechanics demonstration / feedback test and featured the ORION IP as well as class-based gameplay between The Carriers and The Altair. The final release is based on Dino Horde and purchasers of that game will be upgraded for free. This will include the Carriers versus The Altair, this will include all of the original Prelude mega-modes (and more), this will include new alien weapons, a new game menu and a new game version / update to make this an experience like no other: Cooperative, Competitive, Melee, Playable Dinosaurs and more! It will eventually add 3 new game modes, 5 new weapons, 25 new achievements, new team character models (2), a new game menu and a significant / new game version and update. On Aug 10/2016, the game was made free-to-play. On Sep 30, an Ultimate Edition was released that automatically unlocks ALL store items including: Hats, Armors, Capes, Saber Colors, Dinosaur Skins and more.
GDC 2011 Gameplay Video
Ultimate Edition - Full Demo Build 20170314 3.24GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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