Death from Above Groove Alliance 2002

This is a 3D, browser-based, aerial dogfighting action and flight simulator game made with Shockwave from the maker of Real Pool 3D and Tank Wars which each receive over 1.5 million plays per month. This World War I Arcade Dogfighting sets players above France in 1914 during the dawn of air-to-air combat. The players choose from four different planes, each representing a different nation. Virtual pilots fly their planes to victory as they earn medals with each completed mission. Will you choose the slow, but powerful German Fokker Dr.I, or the relatively weak but very maneuverable French Spad S.VII? Eight challenging missions await, each one more difficult than the last. Defeat all the enemies before your plane runs out of fuel. Keep an eye on your engine gauge as you take damage; get shot too many times and you’ll be taking an uncontrollable nose-dive in no time! Defeat your enemies faster for more points. Manage to get through a fight without a single scratch and you will get a huge bonus. The game will remember your high score between sessions and you can submit your best to the online high score board.
Full Demo (3D Groove SX) 4.2MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Level Demo 5.5MB (uploaded by

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