Metro: Last Light - Developer Pack A4 Games / Deep Silver 2013

This $3.99 DLC is also part of the Season Pass. Players can experiment with every gun and attachment combination in the Shooting Range, and complete unique marksman challenges for each weapon. The AI Arena allows players to pit customisable squads of human soldiers and mutants against each other or prove themselves in several challenges. Lastly, players can explore Metro’s cast of characters, and human and mutant foes, up close in the "Metro Museum". There’s a solo mission, too. The Spider’s Nest traps you in a arachnid-infested catacomb, with just a lighter, a torch, and a giant flamethrower for company. That’ll be a fun one for arachnophobes.
included in Metro: Last Light Redux - ISO Demo 8.4GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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