CrimeCraft: Bleedout Vogster Entertainment / THQ 2010

Bleedout, the first major expansion to CrimeCraft was launched as 10 consecutive weekly episodes starting in December/2010 that takes it in a major new direction. Each episode is comprised of several missions that tell the story of the devastating BLEEDOUT event through illustrations by some of the comic industry's brightest lights, including Tim Bradstreet, Howard Chaykin, and Ben Templesmith. The chapters guide players through a world thrown into chaos by a global economic disaster. With mission difficulty that scales with the player's character level, new and existing players can experience the action in a custom-balanced environment. Fans can expect about 20-30 hours of story-based content. Each episode will progress through a small part of the Bleedout storyline and will be free to subscribed players. There will be a small fee for each episode for those players who do not have subscriptions. The game shut down on Aug 31/2017.
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Free Client 1.61GB (uploaded by File Planet)

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