Cyberia Xatrix Entertainment / Interplay 1994

In the year 2027 the world is controlled by two rival super-powers, the western-bloc Free World Alliance and the east-bloc Cartel. Transmissions from an FWA spy reveal the location of a secret multi-national laboratory deep within Siberia, the "Cyberia Complex", where a mysterious weapon is being developed. FWA leader Devlin frees a cyber-hacker named Zak from prison and sends him to infiltrate the complex and discover the true nature of the Cyberia weapon. Unfortunately, the Cartel is also interested in the weapon and will stop at nothing to get it. Not only must Zak make his way past the Cartel forces sent to stop him, but he must also overcome the Cartel agents which have already seized control of the complex. To make matters worse the Cyberian scientist's genetically engineered creations are running rampant in the same area as the weapon, and Devlin also appears to be have something up his sleeve. Despite its lackluster gameplay, Cyberia is one of the first game titles that combines computer technology and Hollywood film technique to form visually stunning graphics and cut scenes. Atmospheric pseudo-3D environments are pre-rendered with location lighting. Developed on state of the art Silicon Graphics Workstations, realistic character movements are animated using digitally captured motion to generate "synthetic actors" with new levels of fluidity and precision. The CD-ROM quality musical score and sound effects are recorded by Thomas Dolby Headspace production studio. Digitized speech are played with stimulated lip synchronization. If you have enough patience to get through the difficult shooting parts on rails (similar to Dragon's Lair or House Of The Dead), you will be rewarded with adventure interludes. In these sequences, you control Zak himself from a third-person perspective. During these sequences, you will walk around the complex, shooting soldiers that appear along the way, and solving puzzles. Puzzles are typically straightforward Myst-style logic puzzles, but quite a few are interesting physical puzzles that require a combination of reflexes, observation, and good timing to solve. A partial version, called Cyberia: Mission Norway, only containing about half of the game was bundled with sound cards and other types of hardware.
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ISO Demo 193MB (upped by Egon68)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.0.2 255MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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