Evil Dead: Hail To The King Heavy Iron Studios / THQ 2001

Eight years after his adventures in the Army of Darkness movie, Ashley "Ash" Williams finds himself haunted by nightmares of deadites. With new girl and fellow "S-Mart" employee Jenny, Ash must return to the cabin from the original Evil Dead and confront his past. Unfortunately, Ash's evil amputated hand from Evil Dead II plays Professor Raymond Knowby's cassette tape and once again reawakens the evil in the woods. Jenny is taken, and Ash's evil twin breaks out of the mirror. Armed with his axe, his chainsaw, and his trusty "boomstick", only Ash can find the missing pages of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis and banish the evil forever. This is a disappointing game which combined horror with some really funny moments. The game however has some mediocre graphics in the stiff characters and dull backgounds even as it uses static camera angles as well. Even the sounds are dull and shockingly Bruce Campbell's famous lines like "Come Get Some" which were ripped off for Duke Nukem come off here as boring. The combat goes on forever before enemies die and then they keep respawning. Only for die-hard fans of the film but don't expect much.
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Full Demo ~121MB (upped by keropi). Will say "broken archive" but extracts ok.
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2CD ISO Demo ~1.1GB (upped by Egon68)

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