Men in Black II: Crossfire WildTangent / Sony Computer Entertainment America 2002

The Men in Black need you to join their elite team and help protect the Earth from the scum of the Universe in this third-person action adventure. You will be armed with a variety of powerful gadgets and weapons in order to eliminate a group of aliens wreaking havoc on human civilization. The MIB are looking for the best of the best. Are you up to the challenge? Gameplay: After being trained in the MIB headquarters, you will be equipped with the latest technology to effectively handle any mission that comes your way. Check the in-game help for detailed instructions. Players have the opportunity to use awesome weapons and gadgets to defend human civilization from the clutches of aliens bent on Earth's destruction. It's an online only game available for download. Players will adventure through ten levels and encounter eight alien races.
Full Demo 15MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
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Men in Black 2 Crossfire Extreme - Full Demo + Win10 Fix 20MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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