Fur Fighters Bizarre Creations / Acclaim Entertainment 2000

This is a third-person perspective, cute platform game with cartoony graphics. There are numerous jumping and adventure puzzles in addition to shooting enemies in the 30 levels. A feline villain and his army of inept bears want to take over the world and kidnap all the children from the Fur Fighters' village to demoralize them. But, they launch an attack anyways against their evil enemy. You play as 1 of 6 characters: Roofus the Dog, Juliette the Sketchy Cat, Chang the Firefox, Rico the Penguin, Bungalow Kangaroo and Tweek the Dragon. You must collect crystals as you go to power a teleportation system to advance further. There are also weapons, energy and power-ups available in mini games to collect. The teleporter allows you to change characters which is advised as the children will only allow their own kind to pick them up. Each character has its own special powers also. This is a fun game for all ages.
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Level Demo ~47MB ( @ JeuxVideo)
Full Demo ~177MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo ~508MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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