Hitman: Blood Money IO Interactive/ Eidos Interactive 2006

When his coworkers at the assassination agency ICA are getting whacked, series antihero Agent 47 is forced underground --unless he becomes the next target. He travels from his usual European digs to the good ol' USA, where he goes into business for himself. Hitman: Blood Money will also live up to its name gameplay-wise. Since Agent 47 is now--no pun intended--a free agent, he is paid in cash, which he will use to buy weapons and pay informants, affecting the game's outcome. Blood money will also feature a revamped version of Io's Glacier engine, as well as the series' requisite shootings, bludgeonings, stabbings, garrotings, smotherings, car bombings, and other assorted means of human disposal.
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Level Demo 759MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 3.58GB (upped by Shattered)

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