Odens Öga [Sw] BigBite Interactive / Decam AB 1999

Loki has stolen Odin's eye from Mimir's well. Odin placed it in the well to gain all the wisdom in the world and to be able to oversee what's going on in the world. With the eye missing, Odin has lost all of his powers and there's a risk that Loki overthrows Odin and puts himself as the chief of the Viking gods. At the time of the theft, Odin is outside the village of Gandar where seven peculiar Vikings live. He asks them of their help and it's up to the player to take control of one of them, travel through the worlds, defeat Loki and bring back the eye to the well of Mimir. This is an action game played from a third person perspective. The game consists of twelve levels and for each one the player's task is to locate and collect all the keys. Once all keys have been retrieved a gate opens up, leading to the next level. The worlds are full of monsters that the player has to be aware of. There are many vicious animals such as wolves and rabbits that attacks when the player gets close. To battle these beasts the player uses a ranged missile like attack. The player can also fly, although only a limited amount of flying power is available. When it's out the player has to wait for it to recharge. Seven different characters can be chosen from but the difference between them is merely cosmetic. The player gathers points for enemies neutralized and by collecting amulets that can be found around the worlds. Other collectibles include stones and chests which can increase the player's health or make the player less vulnerable against monsters. There are also ant hills which affects the player's abilities when stepped on. This can be positive, like increased strength or negative, like reduced speed. The player has three lives. When all are used up the player loses the level and has to start over. The game also features multiplayer over LAN. It lets two player compete against each others. The objective for each player is to catch a pig. When a player has the pig the opponent has to shoot at him and after a certain amount of hits the pig will jump over to the other player. The player who has the pig when time runs out will win the game. The game was also developed for Swedish Television (SVT) and was used as part of an interactive TV show for kids called 'Jupiter'. Norwegian TV also had the TV game in a program series called 'Etter Skoletid' (After School). The Swedish TV show ran for two seasons (1999-2000) and while the TV game was updated with new levels in the second season, it had fewer levels than the PC version.
Swedish ISO Demo 277MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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