Des Blood 2 [J] Illusion 1998

The heroine of the game awakens in a cryo chamber. She doesn't remember anything. She doesn't know who she is, where she is, or what year it is now. She finds a medallion with the name "Lily" engraved on it, and a date: 2156 AD. As she begins to search for answers, trying to get her memory back, the heroine realizes she must also face the Space Army - an intergalactic organization controlled by the computer Isys. The Space Army is looking for something that apparently only our heroine can give them - and the cost would be her life. This is set in the same universe and time period as its predecessor. Unlike the first game, it has third-person exploration mode along with the shooting mode. The shooting parts are quite similar to those of the first game. You aim and shoot at enemies from a fixed first-person perspective; enemies appear at pre-set locations. The sex scenes have enhanced interaction. You are able to choose objects and interact separately with the girl's body parts.
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo 689MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Japanese 2CD ISO Demo 815MB (uploaded by cam)

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