Des Blood 3 [J] Illusion 2000

The events of the third installment in Illusion's Des Blood series take place four years after those of the second game. Tokyo of the 22th century is a megalopolis ruled by large-scale criminal organizations, a dark place full of violence. Recently, a new deadly drug has appeared in the city. Two young and pretty police officers, Kelly and Alicia, are sent to track a shipment of the drug to a warehouse. Soon they realize that there is a powerful organization behind the drug dealers, and the investigation turns into a matter of life and death. The gameplay mostly follows the template introduced in the previous game. You choose to control either Kelly (for Easy difficulty level) or Alicia (for Normal one) in the beginning of the game. When you run through a level, controlling your character from a third-person perspective, enemies will pop out at pre-set points. The game then switches into first-person shooter. You can only side-step (not move forwards or backwards) during the battles, and have to aim the cross-hair precisely to defeat the enemies. You collect ammo and health packs after battles and on the field. You can upgrade and customize your guns by finding and equipping different parts and bullets. There are also some sequences in which you control vehicles with mounted weapons. The sex scenes of Des Blood 3 are not interactive, and appear as cut-scenes done with in-game graphics, mostly culminating in a pre-rendered movie. Except for those movies, the entire game is done in real-time 3D.
Japanese 4CD ISO Demo 1.17GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Japanese 4CD ISO Demo + XP Patch 1.3GB (uploaded by cam)

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