Blood and Bacon Big Corporation / Grunge Games LTD 2016

Originally an XBox Live Indie Game in 2013 and with the closing of that service, it now comes to PC. It's a "survival shooter fps" that pits heavily armed players against undead deadstock as you attempt to butcher your way through 100+ levels of insanity and twitching gristle. Day and night levels, players will take on 35 enemy types and numerous bosses, like the gargantuan monster affectionately named, 'Princess Blubbergut' and Minibosses every 10 days as you explore, shoot and run for your life against the onslaught of porcine monstrosities. The game creatively dispenses pickups through a meat grinder, from the very creatures you are killing. Ammo boxes, Adrenaline, Grenades, Rockets, and other exotic boosters. Boasting over 30 hours of gameplay and the ability to battle a staggering (or shambling) 500+ undead creatures at once, it looks to feature more barnyard excitement than you can shake Old MacDonald's severed femur at!!
Full Demo v33.2 178MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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