Line Of Sight: Vietnam nFusion / Infogrames 2003

Line Of Sight is set in 1968. You play a young soldier, a marksman whose order is to disturb the hostile command structure and to explore the positions of the enemy. The game is a low price product which has succeeded, nevertheless, differently than most genre representatives by all means. It is fun to move in the rain, the darkness or also during a sunny day by the primeval forest. Besides, caution is needed, because many of the enemies are well hidden and very attentive. The missions are eventful and good. Also the play duration (even if high), cannot compare with some full price products. In a total of 12 missions you can be play in single player as well as Coop mode (not tested). This is one of the best games in the low price section which I have tested for a long time. Incomparably better than many other programs. The jungle atmosphere is really effective.

Demo (SP Mission 3, 2 MP Maps) 168MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo ~148MB / Movies Addon ~91MB (uploaded by keropi) Update v1.03 ~12MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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UK v1.03 ISO Demo 525MB (upped by Shattered)

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