Martian Gothic: Unification Creativity Reality GB / TalonSoft 2000

This is a survival horror game where a research team on Mars has unleashed buried evil. You play one of 3 members at a time of a rescue team sent there only to find zombies and if you come into contact with your other team members you are in danger of morphing with them into a combined monster. This game has good-looking graphics and discovering clues to what happened is interesting as the story progresses. There are some problems with camera angles and the controls are awkward so it can get frustrating especially towards the end of the game and it is tough (your 3 characters can hold up to 40 items which you need to solve various puzzles).
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Full Demo ~178MB Music Addon ~36MB WinXP Setup Fix & Patch 3.0 ~2MB (by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo ~452MB (upped by zobraks)
Patch 3 (install and get no-cd from GameCopyWorld, then set all exes to Win98 compatability) 1.57MB (uploaded by GameFront)

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