MechWarrior 3: Pirate's Moon Zipper Interactive / Hasbro Interactive 1999

The official expansion pack to Zipper Interactive's futuristic combat simulation MechWarrior 3 adds to the game a half-dozen new BattleMechs, several new weapons, new multiplayer modes, and as many new missions as the original game's campaign. Its suitable if predictable assortment of features and heightened challenge should satisfy fans who enjoyed MechWarrior 3's graphics and gameplay, but Pirate's Moon lacks the ambition to surpass any of the precedents set by the original game. As such, MechWarrior 3 players who found the original game's campaign short or uninspired will find Pirate's Moon to be all too familiar. Some of the game's missions, especially those involving the defense of key installations, can be frustratingly difficult. Other missions are poorly paced, and you'll have plenty of time to consider the ways in which they could have been more exciting as you trudge long distances between waypoints. But the most insufferable scenarios in Pirate's Moon have to be the newly featured night missions, in which you must do battle with your enemies by the guiding light of your BattleMech's headlights.
ISO Demo missing audio tracks 190MB (upped by Egon68)
v1.0 included in Mechwarrior 3 Gold 2CD ISO Demo with extra multiplayer maps (provided by agumon & uploaded by Scaryfun) 869MB

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