MicroVolts / H.A.V.E. Online SK iMedia / Rock Hippo 2009

This is a unique lobby-based 3D Cartoony third person MMO shooter similar in style to Team Fortress 2, which has a unique enjoyment that game users have to select their weapons fitting for the situational change. A mad scientist is bringing toys to life through some sort of experiment. Apparently when toys come to life, the first thing they want to do is start killing each other. In Project "MicroVolts", various combat items will be provided for free so that it will be important for game users to select proper weapons to win considering their combat map, their position, and the range. They can also choose their own avatar (game character) out of over a hundred figures. Moreover, they can express their unique personality with decoration items and even feel accomplishment and satisfaction with their avatar raising. It has various game modes and playable maps in order to give game users opportunities to select. The game was shut down on Sep 9/2017.
Download: None currently available

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