Neocron Arcade: The N.M.E. Project / 10tacle Studios 2005

This is a free teaser game released as promotion for the updated MMOFPS Neocron 2. Neocron Arcade is a classic arcade shooter from top-down overhead view based on the world of Neocron - violence, mutants, sex 'n' crime... and big guns. Agent Jones works for the CityAdmin, his specialty are delicate projects. It is not surprising the CityAdmin sends him to investigate the reports about a strange creature that appeared in the barren Wastelands. Soon enough he has to fight for his life... Blast your way through several chapters with different locations, collect power-ups and weapons and use the slow-motion feature to cut your way through waves of enemies. Can you beat all bosses for the ultimate victory?
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Free Game 35MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)

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