Mafia III: Stones Unturned DLC Hangar 13 / 2K 2017

This DLC will unveil more of the story of John Donovan, as Lincoln's fiery ex-CIA Vietnam buddy joins in on the action. Donovan will become your wingman, fighting by your side as you pick up bounty hunting missions in New Bordeaux. The new expansion will feel like "a great buddy action movie." He's there with you every step of the way, helping unfold a mystery brewing in New Bordeaux. As Donovan's past catches up with him, you’re fighting side-by-side...or, in some cases, firing a huge mounted turret from the back of a truck while he's doing the driving. Features: New locations within New Bordeaux city limits - a department store, restaurant and safe house, and a remote island off the coast of New Bordeaux; A new support option - You'll be able to call in Sniper Support; New vehicles, including a turret-mounted off-road vehicle; New mission types, where you'll meet another salty friend from Donovan's past as you pick up new Bounty Hunting missions around New Bordeaux; New weapons, like a dart gun to silently take down targets from a distance.
Download: None currently available

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