Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy High Voltage Software Inc., Massive Entertainment AB / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 2000

Takes place after the end of Ground Control, Dark Conspiracy continues the story of Major Sarah Parker who must enlist a group of mercenaries to help her escape from the planet of Krig-7b. This expansion pack was later included free for new purchases of the original game, the decision having been made to add extra incentive to buying it; existing owners were also entitled and merely needed to apply via online form, also included as a hard copy in specially-marked boxes. The largest additions are an entirely new faction, the Phoenix Mercenaries, and a 15-mission single-player campaign that expands on the original storyline. Other changes include extra multiplayer maps, a few more units for the existing factions and more terrain types. Also of note are the changes in the full motion video cutscenes; the parent game had all of its pre-rendered in the game engine. In contrast, the expansion's cutscenes were done by Blur Studio.
Clone ISO Demo 499MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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