Rolemaster: Magestorm / Magestorm Millennium Interworld Productions / Mythic Entertainment / Engage Games Online 1995

Rolemaster: Magestorm (since 2001, Magestorm Millennium) was an online-only first-person shooter using magical spells as weapons. It was developed in 1995 by Interworld Productions (now Mythic Entertainment). It centered on team-based gameplay and included some role-playing elements, notably the character class and level-based systems. The four character classes were the Wizard, Psionic, Eldritch and Healer; but prior to Magestorm Millennium, the character classes were named as Magician, Mentalist, Arcanist and Cleric, respectively. A character could gain experience points by hitting other players and raise up to level 30. Each gained level gave spell picks which allowed to unlock new spells.
This game is no longer officially available and was finally retired in January 2006. An unofficial server emulator called "Magestorm: Revival" is playable but in development. Only 100 free users are allowed but for a monthly free (Magestorm Plus), you can have access privilige.
Magestorm Revival Free Client (uploaded by Official Site)
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Full Demo v3.3.1 (singleplayer playable) 9MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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