Shark! Hunting The Great White Sunstorm Interactive / WizardWorks 2001

This is an exciting underwater shark hunt from the makers of the Deer Hunter series. Take hold of any of 9 powerful underwater weapons, then strap on any of 9 equipment items including air tanks, various high tech fins and choose from several wet or dry suits. The game features more than eight of the most ferocious and deadly predators to ever stalk the seas, including the awesome Great White, the Tiger Shark, the Great Hammerhead, and many more. On your quest, you'll swim through seas filled with life, such as whales, turtles, dolphins, and many kinds of fish. There are 16 shark-filled hunting locations, including Tahiti, Africa, Palau and more. Hunt your way through a series of missions in Career Mode or play random missions striving for the largest shark ever. Find "secrets" like treasure and lost idols in Career mode mission to gain new and powerful equipment. What makes the game so thrilling is that you are not in your natural medium, so you only move slowly through the water whereas the sharks are speedier and the scary atmosphere of being in a place where you can also be killed is frightening. There is a "shark sensor" which sounds like your heartbeat and its pounding grows more and more terrifying and frantic as the shark approaches, until it finally stops when it eats you. Your compass, depth meter, and available air sensors also have to be watched. You have to remember where your boat is too if you need to go back up for air or heal your wounds, and if the weather is bad it makes finding the boat tough. This is worth playing for a break from the usual first person shooters.
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ISO Demo 153MB (upped by Egon68)

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